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In Times Like These A Management System Like This Works

When patients are not able to come to your counter what are you to do? Usually they would arrive with their medical prescriptions from doctors just visited. Not anymore. Not only could they be too ill to travel, they may not even be allowed to leave their homes. And if they haven’t been placed under curfew it could just be that it’s been highly recommended. To stay indoors. For the sake of their health. And for the sake of their families, even their neighbors. So how then are you supposed to process their prescriptions?

pharmacy management system

The pharmacy management system works like this. The medical practitioner confirms his diagnosis. And whilst he is busy explaining to his patient how the prescribed medication is designed to work and how it should be consumed correctly, he’s busy typing up his prescription order. Not long after the patient has left his rooms, the doctor will be putting the finishing touches to his journal notes. And whilst he is busy with that, he’ll be emailing his prescription directly to your desktop. Needless to say that you receive it immediately.

There is no waiting. There are no delays. You are able to process the prescribed order as a matter of urgency. This may be a regular patient, so payment details may already be captured on your pharmacy management system, whether the patient’s medical plan will be covering the costs or whether the patient will be paying out of his own pocket. The shipping order is also confirmed and the delivery is made the moment all processing is completed. And the patient receives his medication at his doorstop.

You never run out of supplies either because in good time you too can be delivered to.