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How Tooth Implant Procedure Begins

tooth implant procedure bakersfield

In order to proceed with a tooth implant procedure, a bit of bone grafting may be required. Bone grafting into the jawbone is nevertheless part and parcel of the tooth implant procedure bakersfield work being practiced by local dentists who specialize in this kind of work. Bone grafting may be required when the jawbone is not thick enough or too soft to accommodate dental implant surgery. This is also influenced by the force that necessary chewing action exerts.

It puts a fair amount of pressure on the bone under normal circumstances. In future, if the bone is not able to support the implant, surgery would have been a waste of time and money. The bone graft creates a solid base for the implant. A number of materials come under the spotlight prior to rebuilding a jawbone. Two primary options are the natural bone graft and the synthetic bone graft. The synthetic bone substitute material provides support structures for new bone growth.

But the natural bone graft uses bone taken from another area of the body. Choosing between these two options is not a matter of personal preference. It will come down to comfort and best hygiene. Ultimately, it is the dentist’s diagnosis that confirms which option may be best. Certain cases may only require minor bone grafting. The dentist needs to determine the condition of the jawbone before proceeding with a bone graft and subsequent implant.

Now when the dental implant is ready to be placed, the oral surgeon needs to make an incision in the gum in order to expose the bone. Holes will then be drilled into the bone. It is into these holes that the dental implant metal post will be placed. The post will service the area as an artificial tooth root.