Tips For Preparing For Surgery

Surgery is never an event that we want to experience.  For those that go under the knife and have parts of their body removed a sense of fear overcomes them as the thought of not coming out of it okay is a real possibility.  When it comes to charleston colorectal surgery you may have the same fears.  However, know that when you go in for your surgery that you are in the hand of professionals.  To prepare yourself for these procedures you want to take into account the following steps.

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Don’t eat or drink

You will be told that you can’t eat or drink between twelve and twenty-four hours before your surgery.  This is to help keep your stomach clear of any foods or liquids that could have an adverse reaction to any medications or medical procedures.  The last thing anyone wants is to have food or liquid coming up through your throat during surgery.

Get plenty of sleep

You want to go to bed early the night before so that your body is rested and has had a chance to engage in any additional healing it can do before your procedure.  When your bodies are healthy and well rested they will perform better during any surgical procedure.

Get there early

You will want to arrive early for your procedure.  You want to be able to fill out paperwork, get your vitals and allow time for any antibiotics or other medications to take effect before your procedure.  Once you have arrived make sure that you also packed a bag with extra items that you may need.  This can be a change of clothing or maybe a robe and slippers.

Have a driver

After your surgery you won’t be able to drive or even function normally in most cases for a few days.  You want to make sure that you have a ride and someone that can care for you for a few hours after your surgery and recovery are complete.

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